When discussing the challenge of becoming a multidisciplinary fighter we first have to understand what we’re trying to accomplish. We ultimately want to build a skill set that prepares us to out think, out talk, and if necessary out fight any violent criminal offender. Obviously this is a mammoth undertaking and some folks understandably, aren’t willing to invest the time, effort and money to reach this objective, if it’s even attainable. The jury is still out on that one however, we know the journey towards this ideal is worth every sacrifice as it makes us eminently more prepared for whatever we might encounter.

Here is some food for thought. What if you had the verbal agility of a standup comedian, combined with a M/GM rank in USPSA and a Blackbelt in Brazilian JiuJitsu? This is a simplistic example however it gives you an idea of a skill set far superior to any problem we’ll ever encounter. Verbal agility, combined with the physical ability to wreck just about anything you run into? In my opinion, that’s the combo we’re looking for and working diligently towards. Throw in a few more elements and we’re well on our way towards becoming an Adept.

In future posts I’ll flesh out my approach to this path as a practitioner as well as a coach. Stay tuned and stay dangerous.

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