When we’re discussing the physical aspect of a violent criminal assault we will inevitably discuss using weapons that can inflict serious bodily injury and/or death. This is not something to be taken lightly and as discussed in this post we should do our due diligence by meeting with, and retaining an attorney that specializes in self defense. In any situation that involves use of force there is the potential for legal and civil ramifications. Knowing all of the terrain we’ll have to navigate before we get there falls under the out-thinking them part of the game. I can’t stress this enough, we want to be bomb-proof, physically, mentally, and financially. 


In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu there is an axiom that says, position before submission. From day one it’s stressed that you secure dominant position first then go for the submission. In a violent criminal encounter when we are defending ourselves or our loved ones from imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury we adjust this axiom to address the circumstances and it becomes position before acquisition. In this environment we need to access a tool as soon as possible yet as safely and consistently as possible. A few points on access. I want my fighting tools on the front half of my body preferably forward of the hips. Support gear such as spare mags, lights and other items are carried behind the hips or elsewhere on the body. With a primary pistol and fixed blade on the belt line on the front half of my body not only does it make weapon access more consistent and robust but also makes it easier for me to retain my life saving tools. My primary tools are inside my elbows close to centerline when I am in a fighting posture as well as when I’m in an Active Protective Posture.


Another consideration is weapon access with either hand. I want to be able to access my primary knife or pistol with either hand whether I’m standing, seated, or on the ground. It should be a simple articulation of the elbow to reach a tool. Once we have gear placement sorted we can start working on the timing issues involved with accessing a tool during a fight for our lives. My recommendation is always, always, ALWAYS achieve a dominant or at least stable position before trying to introduce a weapon. If you haven’t managed to tie up at least one of your opponent’s arms you risk him fouling your draw. You don’t want to be in a fight over your weapon as that defeats the purpose. You want to access the weapon without issue so you can begin to end the threat to you or your loved ones… Not compound the problem. As much as possible, we want to be to the side of our opponent rather than squared up. Think of your hips/shoulders forming a T if looked at from ten feet above you. Your opponent is the horizontal line, you’re the vertical line. Now he has to turn to face you, which costs him time. If you’ve been putting in your time perfecting your wrestling and Judo it should be virtually impossible for him to turn enough to face you before you have accessed tools and began to solve the problem.

We’ll drive farther into this in future posts. For now focus on the positive, train hard, and be dangerous.