In this Vlog I mention the approach I take to anaerobic threshold drills. I thought I would take a few moments to flesh this out a little for you folks. Check out the vlog and then read more below.

I mentioned waving my work load, and here is how I schedule the wave. For illustration purposes let’s say I’m going to do my threshold work on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

  • Week one; my Monday session will be one minute drills and I will do three reps. I’ll rest one minute between reps. On Wednesday the session will consist of four reps, with one minute rest between reps. Friday’s session will be five reps with one minute between reps.
  • Week two; Monday is four reps with one minute rest between reps. Wednesday we do five reps, and Friday we’ll bang out six reps. Keeping rest periods at one minute.
  • Week three; Monday is five reps, Wednesday will be six reps, and finish Friday strong with seven reps. Still only resting one minute between reps.
  • Week four; Monday begins with six reps, Wednesday is seven reps and Friday we grind out eight reps. You know the drill, one minute rest between reps.
  • Week five; Monday we start strong with seven reps, Wednesday we’ll do eight, and we’ll make Friday our bitch with nine reps. Still an entire one minute rest between reps.
  • Week six; Things are starting to get interesting. Monday is eight reps, Wednesday is nine reps, and thank God for Friday because we finish with ten reps.

That completes one conditioning cycle. With threshold drills I mix a variety of events to keep it interesting. Sandbag lifts, sprints, side-shuffles, bounding, jumps, kettlebell swings, ropes, burpees, and other non-weighted explosive movements can be chained together to provide us with two minutes of continuous effort. The objective is to stay moving, and really push our anaerobic limits.

It absolutely sucks however, we want to learn to be comfortable in discomfort and this is one method to achieve that objective. Think of this as toughness training, don’t cheat yourself, be tough, gut it out and reap the rewards.