One of the markers of good JiuJitsu is efficiency. Doing just enough to achieve the objective but not too much.  Just enough speed, timing, and strength to allow the technique to work for you.
Having spent a considerable amount of time studying performance and how to unlock the performance potential that resides in myself and my students, I’ve discovered a common thread in all high performers.

It’s not that they’re gifted, because some aren’t, yet still excel. It’s not that they’re high achievers, which at that level, all are. It’s not that they’re gifted AND high achievers. Because most at that level are both gifted and high achievers.

The thing that really seems to open the performance flood gates for most folks is understanding and applying efficiency or economy of motion to their performance. The very best have “JiuJitsu’d” their performance. They have studied their mechanics and found the places where they can round off edges, save a little speed, strength, or both and this helps them perform at a higher level.

If you haven’t already, let’s start looking for ways to apply leverage, improve timing, save some strength, and pick up a little speed in everything we do. Let’s start JiuJitsu-ing everything.

Circa 2010, attending a lecture with the master of JiuJitsu-ing everything seated to my right.