In Veggie Might! Part I I shared the motive for moving to plant based approach to eating. In this post I’m going to share some of the resources I’ve used to make this as painless as possible. There are quite a few apps, websites, and cookbooks available that have made my transition to plant based eating fairly easy.

Let’s start with youtube channels;

When it comes to cookbooks I look for recipes that make hearty, tasty meals. My favorites are;

One of the biggest challenges is eating while on the road. Fortunately there are more veggie friendly restaurants than ever before. The Happy Cow App is an excellent resource when I’m traveling or even if I’m at home and want to go out for a plant based meal. However, sometimes that’s not an option. Rather than force friends and family to eat at a plant based restaurant when all they really want is a steak, I’ll find ways to make do. Most regular restaurants have vegetarian meals on the menu now. If that’s not an option I’ll order side dishes. There are always vegetables in the side dish menu as well as rice or something similar. I should say that my objective in eating this way isn’t to take the moral high ground or brow beat friends and family into eating my way. I want my friends and family to enjoy their life and if that means they eat a steak, so be it. Rather than make an issue about eating at a steak house or BBQ joint, I’ll treat it as a challenge! 

So whether you want to go all in on a plant based diet, or simply try one of the various approaches to vegetarianism to see for yourself if your health improves, these are a few of the resources I have used and continue to use. For me this has been a fantastic decision. I’m healthier, I eat foods that cover a full spectrum of flavors, colors, and textures. I meet my nutritional objectives everyday, and never feel like I’m missing out on anything. I will admit to missing a good cheeseburger on occasion, particularly in the summer time at events with friends and family. However, I’ve found other forms of burger such as black bean burgers or portobello burgers that taste great and are a fantastic substitute.

It’s as easy and as hard as that, after a few years of eating this way it really isn’t that difficult any longer. When I contrast my medication free life now with a life spent taking medications that were correcting one issue while creating a host of others, I can live without the cheeseburgers.