We talk about a variety of topics on this blog however, one consistent theme is Brazilian JiuJitsu. I love this art for a variety of very good reasons, and one of those reasons is the empowerment Jiujitsu gives the women in my life. I’m confident they can handle themselves in any situation, anywhere, any time, and if necessary against anyone. Of course they might have trouble dealing with a larger, stronger, skilled opponent but for the average guy they run into that isn’t putting the time in, day in and day out on the mat? It will be like he’s not even there. I’m serious. Those that don’t know, won’t know but for those of us that have trained this way for any length of time we know this to be true. I can’t say this enough, Jiujitsu is an incredibly powerful vehicle for the female athlete. Here is a short clip on the SBG 2017 Ladies Camp.

If you have a little more time, watch the longer version of the Women in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu SBG Video Podcast. If you have female friends that might be interested in Jiu-jitsu share these clips with them, it might be the gentle nudge they need to jump in!