When I coach folks though my recoil mitigation exercises I focus on building a structure. I’ve taken classes where I was taught to drive the gun back into the target, and in other classes I was taught to just let it do what it’s going to do as long as it returns to the same place every time. There are a lot of ways to climb that mountain. However, the best way for me is to build a bridge. 

Bridges don’t actively push up against the weight of the vehicles crossing them. Bridges are engineered to use pressure and tension in the right places to resist outside forces. When I build my shooting structure I’m creating points of compression, pressure, and tension in key areas to resist outside pressures aka gun movement during recoil. For example, two key points on a pistol are bottom of the front strap, and top of the backstrap. Build a structure around those key movement areas and the pistol will sit flat during recoil. 
Doing it this way gives me the best of the “time the recoil” and “let it do” schools of thought.  Build a bridge, watch the sights, and keep it fun.