I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to spend the last week at the Straight Blast Gym in Kalispell, Montana. Working on a daily basis with Coaches Travis & Kisa Davison, Leah Taylor, and Gus Nolte has been awesome! The days have been long, and the learning intensive. Just the way I like it!

Excellent competition team practice run by Coach Leah Taylor. I’d highly recommend contacting Coach Leah for seminars, and private lessons.

One of the things I’ve heard Coach Travis say at least a hundred times is; “if you want to be good at something make everyone around you good at that something. Also find people that are good at that something, and spend time around them.” It’s such an important piece I wanted to share it with you. At times I have been so caught up in my own journey I’ve done a really poor job at bringing others along, and making sure they’re getting better. I’ve also been guilty of not continuing to seek a deeper understanding, and continue my education. This week has been a reminder of the importance of spending time around people that inspire, and motivate us to reach our potential. 

Working with some of the area peace keepers. Always thankful for a chance to give back.

At the heart of the journey is this; the more I learn the more I realize how much more I need to learn. To paraphrase the World’s Most Interesting Man, stay hungry for knowledge my friends.