What can you do right now?

Not what are you willing to do. Not what would you like to be able to do. Not what do you think can do.

What can I do right now?

This is a question that has driven me for years. What am I capable of doing right now? If I’m driving through a rural area, and I see an overturned car am I able to help the people in that car? Can I lift another human, and move them to safety? Can I render aid? What if it’s my car that overturns? Can I get myself, and if necessary my loved ones to safety? Can I perform self-aid and/or render aid to my friends and family?

If I’m awakened by my home alarm system because there is a fire am I able to move myself, and my loved ones to safety? Can I carry an injured family member down an emergency ladder?

In the case of a natural disaster can I dig my way out of a collapsed building? Climb to escape flooding? Can I move large chunks of building or trees that have fallen? Can I move myself, and loved ones through hazardous areas?

Some might think this is a pointless exercise however, for those that have lived in areas where hurricane or tornado season is a real threat this is a legit exercise. Those that live in areas hit by the power outage a few years ago during winter storms might also have a different view on this type of exercise. If you drive on a regular basis you’ve witnessed your share of traffic crashes or at least have seen the damage done when metal meets flesh at 70-90mph. It’s not a completely absurd thought, we just might find ourselves in a situation where we have to honestly answer this question; what can I do right now? 

If you don’t like the answer there is only one acceptable response, fix it. Find those areas where you are unprepared or unequipped, and prepare and equip yourself to the best of your ability. This question usually presents itself in the context of a pass/fail do or die situation. We either have what it takes to dare to be great or we don’t. I know if you’re like me, failure is unacceptable so don’t fail by failing to prepare.