An important question to ask ourselves as we self-audit is; how do I know? 

How do I know this information is legit? 

How do I know these things work? 

How do I know I’m adept?

There is only one way to know. Experience. We gain experience by taking action. 

The action of daily practice. The action of training evolutions. The action of real world application. 

Talking about it, even in-depth technical discussion will never give us the understanding, and ownership that taking action and gaining experience will. Once you experience it, you own it. 

“If we didn’t experience a loss, we would never know what we are capable of.” – MuhammadAli 

There is a price to pay for experience. Losses. Injury or worse. This is also the price of ownership. Some folks are afraid of this part, and will miss out on valuable opportunities because losing sucks. However, you know what doesn’t suck? Having a definitive answer to the question: how do you know? 

“Self knowledge is best learned, not by contemplation, but by action. Strive to do your duty, and you will soon discover of what stuff you are made.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

The scars on Coach Richard Hawthorne’s shoulders speak volumes on the subject of experience. Years under the bar gaining experience, owning it. If you want to know how Coach Hawthorne knows, look at his shoulders. Picture by Craig Douglas, and used with permission.

Take action. Do the work. Then you’ll know.