In my lost post we talked about enduring a little more, I want to go a little deeper into that topic with this post.  One of the mantra’s I’ve adopted came from the inimitable Super Dave Harrington. It’s a fairly simple directive; “Do the right thing, at the right time, every time.”  This is solid advice for every area of our lives. If we were to apply this everyday all day most folks would be good to go.


However, what happens when we do everything right, and it still goes wrong? 



In those moments what happens next is more important than what happened. Simply do the next right thing, and keep doing the next thing right until we turn whatever happened, around.


How we bounce back, how quickly we adapt to things falling apart is the true test of our mettle. Anyone can be good to go when everything goes as planned. It takes an adaptive, mentally agile thinker to roll with the punches, and keep pressing toward the objective. We learn the lessons we can learn, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and press on.


The fighting mindset shines in those moments. Seeing everything go wrong, despite doing everything right, and choosing to keep on keeping on is the hallmark of a fighter.