Everyday as soon as I log in I check a few news sites. A few local, national, and international sites. I hit the headlines, see if anything jumps out at me, check the market, (because that’s where the news actually originates…), and then start my day. Almost without fail I read something from those that oppose my right to self protection.


Every single day. The media attacks your right to self protection. That sickens me.


It also worries me.


I worry about my daughters. I worry about my wife, and my mother. I worry about those that would need an equalizer. Those that oppose your right to self protection will tell you to call 911. I would ask them, what is the average response time to a 911 call for help? That time varies based on area but the average is 10 minutes. Imagine your loved one being attacked. How long do you want them to have to wait before help arrives? We know the answer. Zero wait time. We also know how we can make it so our loved one doesn’t have to wait for help to arrive. We can train and equip them to be their own emergency response.


But not if we keep handing our head to our enemy. Rep the brand better. Me, you, everyone else. We have to do a better job of repping the multi-disciplinary brand. A friend and fellow SBG Coach recently shared with me that he doesn’t use foul or vulgar language, he doesn’t drink to excess, and he makes sure he is always clean, well groomed, and neatly dressed. Why? Because he wants to rep the brand of SBG as well as possible. He doesn’t want to do anything that would give ammo to those that would criticize him as another meathead jock. Now, they might still form those opinions but he’s not going to do anything to help them sell those opinions to those that are on the fence. The media, and their allies have painted those that believe in the ultimate right to self protection as knuckle-dragging, uncivilized meatheads. People that can’t wait to do harm, or to take a life. Those that oppose our right to self protection have done a great job in selling that barbaric image to the public. To be fair we haven’t always helped our cause, and I’ve been the among the worst offenders.


However, it’s time to take that weapon away from our enemies. We all have one job. Just represent the brand well. Be well spoken, polite, and represent our brand, our community well. It’s not that hard, there are a lot of positives in this endeavor. It’s time to start putting the spotlight on those aspects. The media, and the anti-self protection folks will make sure the negative is highlighted. We can’t be overly concerned with that aspect. However, we can make sure there isn’t anything negative for them to show, and that our positive contributions far out-weigh any negatives.