One question or topic of discussion that comes up from time to time is; “I know this isn’t an effective/practical/useful art/exercise/movement BUT, I like doing it.” Now I know what they are really saying is; I want to keep doing this even though now that I’ve trained with you guys I realize it serves no purpose.


But they don’t want to say it. Because that sounds goofy. I’m going to do something that has no other purpose than it makes me happy. It won’t make me stronger, more conditioned, or greater skilled fighter or in anyway contribute to my multi-disciplinary pursuit. But I like it.


You know what my answer always is? Then do it. You do you boo. I only ask this; Have you put all the big rocks in the jar first?? Have you covered your essential skill bases?


If you have, then it’s okay to do something simply because you like to.


Life is short. Get the big rocks in the bucket first, then add all the sand you can.