“The experience of helping a fellow man in danger, or even of training in a realistic manner to be ready to give this help, tends to change the balance of power in a youth’s inner life with the result that compassion can become the master motive.”
— Kurt Hahn

I have been asked numerous times what motivates me to train the way I, (and we), do? Why try to cover so many bases? Develop such a broad spectrum of skills?

Because this question comes up frequently I’ve shared these thoughts with a few folks over the years.

I don’t train because I fear anything.

Or hate anyone.

I train because I want be useful in those moments when folks need help.

I train because I love my life and everyone in it, and I’m not willing to give that up easily.

I train because I want to make it really difficult for anything or anyone to remove me from the life I live.

I train because I want to be an asset, not a liability.


Those are some of the why’s that drive what I do. What drives you?