If you have ever heard me talk about knife defense you’ve heard me mention Jerry Wetzel. Jerry’s Red Zone program is the premier knife defense program. There are a lot of knife programs available, and almost all have some merit. However, the material I trust my life to, (and the life of those that train with me), is Red Zone.

Yours truly, Jerry, and cover model Drew.


In the spirit of full disclosure, Jerry is a long time friend and we’ve trained together quite a few times over the years. He’s helped me with my programs, and I’ve offered my input regarding his programs over the years. As a result this has driven us to give honest feedback in an effort to offer the best possible service to our trainees. We test and evaluate extensively before we roll something out to the public. We understand the stakes so there is no way we are going to say the comfortable thing rather than the honest thing. Jerry, like all of my friends, shoots it straight and expects the same in return. So when I received a copy of Red Zone Knife Defense I expected excellence, and was not disappointed. Jerry has pressure tested this material for years upon years as well as having guys like myself pressure testing and evaluating the material. The result is a bomb proof approach to dealing with an edged weapon attack. So order a copy of the book, and more importantly get yourself into one of Jerry’s courses so you can experience the material for yourself.

Luis and I pressure testing knife defense material during the filming of the ISR Matrix instructional circa 1999. I’ve been working on this problem for a long time, and have found the Red Zone material to be the best out there.