Training is a lifestyle that involves being uncomfortable most of the time. Exposure to material is an element of training. However, that is not training. We have to know the difference. We can’t let our ego fool us. Exposure to material isn’t the same as drilling deep into something so that it becomes you. If you are comfortable during a training session or cycle you are not trying. Growth comes from being uncomfortable. It’s called growing pains for a reason.


Training is consistent perfect repetitions over a long period of time. This can be brutal. Ten to fifteen reps is no problem. Add a few zeros to the back of those numbers and the pain train comes rolling in. Perfect repetitions require mental intensity. Fatigue sets in quickly, and it’s a different type of fatigue. This is where discipline shines. The ability to buckle down and stay the course for rep after rep. Perfect rep after perfect rep. Do that for ten years and we have a deep reservoir of skill and experience.


Training contains ruthless accountability. Accountability to ourselves, our training partners, our tribe. Always strive to excel. We can not allow ourselves to take the easy way out, or lie to ourselves regarding our performance. We can not allow our training partners to lie to themselves about their performance. There is also accountability to our history. There are those that have gone before us paving the way for us. We owe them our best. Kimura did 600 to 1,000 pushups and Randori for up to 9 hours daily. That doesn’t include everything else he was doing each day to prepare himself. I don’t know about you but I definitely have not come close to that level of effort today or any day in recent history.


Most importantly training has to be grounded in solid material. Recently proven tested material. Realistic material. Not fantasy. One of the biggest benefits to the Aliveness training methodology is there is little room for fantasy. Things that don’t work don’t last. No one enjoys failure, and in this arena fantasy fails. Failure equals pain. The bad kind of pain so don’t do it.


Check those boxes and you’ll be well-trained in whatever it is you do. You will be competent and life rewards competence. You won’t be comfortable. However, you will be competent and that is comforting.