* Warning label: This one’s a little different.

I spend my days around positive people. I avoid negative people like the plague. Particularly haters. They contribute nothing and suck the life out of anyone and anything around them. Think about the last time you noticed a hater doing anything worthwhile. Never, and not ever.

Folks will try to understand the hate. Don’t. They hate you for three reasons.

  1. They can’t be you
  2. They can’t beat you
  3. They can’t be with you

None of those reasons are logical. All of those are based in envy which is the worst of human emotions. So my advice is to simply refuse to engage. Who cares what their issues might be? They don’t deserve your time.

You know the saying; you don’t need that negativity in your life Well, you don’t. Focus 100% on achieving your goals and nothing else. Sure, as you achieve your objectives they will hate you more. Your success reminds them of their inadequacies. They’ll hide behind their keyboard and post away because that’s what betas do… but that’s their problem not yours.

Keep on keeping on.