This endeavor is infinite. Which can be frustrating since we can’t quantify infinity. How do we measure something when we don’t know the end point? There is no way of even knowing if we are at infinities half way point. We can only keep pressing onward.

The Shivworks logo has a cleverly incorporated infinity symbol for a reason.


Realizing this journey is infinite presents one of the problems with setting goals that are too rigid. As we evolve we get a better idea of what we can do. As we get a better idea of what we can do we might realize our goals aren’t ambitious enough. What we once thought was going to take years might only take months or even days.  We learn more about ourselves, and our art as we grow, and as a result we learn we might be far more capable than we thought. We moved our goal post.  

Set goals, and work towards them while knowing we will never reach the end. Also while knowing, goals in this game are just guides that change as we evolve.